Every Day 24 Hours

Ashmore Pitstop Dog Wash
400 Southport Nerang Rd
Gold Coast QLD 4214

Dog Wash


$ 5 minimum
7 Minutes
$ 14 minimum 39 minimum
per Month

Extra Time

If you need longer than 7 minutes, simply deposit more money before it expires.

EFTPOS available on Dog Wash #2. ($10.00 minimum for 14 minutes)

Dual soaps
High pressure laserwash
Clear coat protectant
Spot-free rinse
Laser Dry

32GB Storage

Washing Your Dog


Select the nozzle setting that best suits your dog, turn the switch to shampoo, then simply shampoo your dog.

Approx Time 2-4 Minutes

Rinse off

Turn the switch to rinse and rinse off the shampoo.

Approx Time 1-2 Minutes


Turn the switch to conditioner and condition your dog's coat.

Approx Time 1-2 Minutes

Flea and Tick Rinse

If you feel it is necessary to give your dog a flea and tick rinse, turn the switcht to Flea and Tick Rinse and give your dog that special rinse.

Approx Time 30 Seconds

Blow Dry

There are two (2) settings for the blow dry. Low and High. To Blow Dry your dog please press the button on the nozzle to turn it off, pull of the black blow dry cord then select Low or High and give your dog's coat a blow dry.

Approx Time 5 Minutes

Disinfect the Tub

Remove Dog from tub.
Give the tub a quick rinse with the desinfectant rinse, to ensure that the tub is completely clean for the next dog.
Tidy hoses (thank you)

Approx Time 1 Minute

Dog Wash Facilities

Dog Wash Technology

We have two (2) K9000 DIY Dog Washes installed at our premises for you to wash your dog safely. We use the full range of Fido Hyper Allergenic shampoos, conditioners and flea/tick treatments. The washes have nozzles with different functions, use warm water, blow drying functions for a stress free wash.

Undercover Fenced off area

We have installed easy access fenced area for each wash to keep your dog and family members safe.

24 Hour access

The washes are open 24/7 all year round.


We have reserved dog wash car parking spaces directly in front of the washes for easy access.

Ashmore Pitstop Dog Wash makes every effort to insure that the prices and items listed above are up to date and correct. However, the prices and items listed here are NOT guaranteed, and are subject to change without notice.

Responsibility of use Remains with the vehicle owner.
The proprietor accepts no Liability for Damages.

Conditions of Entry

Access to the Ashmore Pitstop Car and Dog Wash property is permitted if you agree and abide by the conditions of entry.